Yes, it is me!

After many months of sheer inertia, I decided I should get back into blogging.

That was three weeks ago.

I’ve actually been trying to get back on to this blog since then.

Now I can blame my Laptop,  which I do since it is very old (like me!) and very slow (like me!) sometimes just stops for no reason (just like me!) and has a real memory problem (so like me!)

Anyway, I’ve finally sorted all the Laptop’s (or are they mine?) problems out, so I should be fully operational (that’s a laugh!) from now on.

I’ve made myself a promise that I’m going to check in at least twice a week…..that is if I can remember my bloody password!









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New Year……

Now I’m up and running, blogwise so to speak, I think I’ll start by posting all the New Year resolutions I intend to make………


Well except the one that’s entitled “putting as many exclamation marks in my sentences as I can!” (see how easy it is?) But to be fair, anyone who knows me knows that !’s are my mantra! (sorry, can’t help it! Oops, sorry again)

Anyway, I’m not making any resolutions because I’ve usually blown those out of the water by the end of the first week in January, so I’m saying Bugger to resolutions! (there it is again!)

Now I’ve just had a thought.

Is saying bugger to resolutions a resolution in itself?

If anyone calls in to read this, I won’t always be this vague, I will sometimes have something sensible to say, maybe even without all the !’s!!

There I go again…… 



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Well, after all this time I’m finally back in the Land of Blog!

Firstly, I couldn’t find my Blog, then when I found it, I couldn’t log in.

Then, to add insult to injury, my phone line went off and I had no internet.

Then, after over a month my phone line was fixed but, guess what? Still no internet!

Today I was finally fully operational (well not me personally, I doubt I’ll ever be fully operational) but as far as the Land of Blog is concerned, I’m back!

But maybe I should not count my chickens until I see if I can back here tomorrow!! 

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Well, I’m here…..I think!

I’ve been fiddling about for ages, trying to get this set up, it’s not an easy thing for me considering I’m a bit of a computerphobe!

So, now that I’m here, what am I going to blather on about first?SONY DSC

I mainly wanted a place where I could diarise (is that a word?) my efforts to do something about improving my health and fitness over the coming months but I’ve now decided I also want to witter on about anything else that takes my fancy!

Anyway, I’m going to start with a confession.

I’m 14 stones 13lbs, 4 stones heavier than I should be, so I’m starting to keep a check on what I’m eating. Now that may seem easy to some but not for me, when you consider I’m writing this while eating a bar of Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Ginger!! You see what I’m up against?

So I’m going to use this blog to chart my success because I am going to succeed, if it kills me!


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